Aneesh Abraham

Aneesh Abraham is a master of arts in philosophy, wearing the marketers hat for a living. He remains lost in the world of imagination for the better part of the day, spinning more yarn than he can wind. Currently between a mountain range and a coast in India, his mind wanders far and wide with a generalist appetite. In the works are at least a dozen books, queuing up to see the light of day. Art, philosophy, and a technical mind are the inputs, searching for richer output mediums.

You can expect explosive works of fiction in the future, packed with action, adventure, and philosophical reeling. Everything is stark, naked, and in your face.

He survives the dark side of the sun everyday, losing weight to unorthodox overthinking. Prefers the leisurely life free from complications, certainly not closed to indulgences.

A Short Note on the Buildup to My First Book here.


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